Give today to keep Hospeace House available to those facing end of life image

Give today to keep Hospeace House available to those facing end of life

Hospeace House is funded by donations, memorial contributions, and our community's generosity as there is no cost to the families we serve, nor do we receive any reimbursement from insurance companies.

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Your donation will help provide a safe, peaceful, comfortable home to those at end of life

Hospeace House understands that navigating the end-of-life journey is difficult. That is why we make it our mission to help families through this difficult journey together and well supported. We care for the entire family so that they can focus on what matters most to them. As the daughter of one of our residents said, "Death is the smallest part of what happens here".

Located in Naples, NY, we provide 24-hour care for the dying and their families in a loving, comfortable home during the end-of-life journey. There is never a cost to our residents or families. Our programs are funded solely by donations, fundraising, memorial contributions, and through the generosity of people like yourself.

Our Story

In the spring of 2000, Martha A Lovett had recently completed her farewell gift to her mother - seeing her through her end-of-life journey at home with love, dignity, and grace. That journey planted a seed for the idea that everyone deserved to have a comfortable, safe home surrounded by those they love so they could face end-of-life on their own terms, as they chose. Martha articulated her idea to a caring group of Neapolitans and what followed were a few people attending a few home meetings in one small town; also, well known for its compassion and caring nature. This home in this small corner of this small town was going to become the benchmark for what other certified facilities would do in the future. Hospeace House was one of the first state-certified hospice facilities in NY that operated out of a residential setting.

Hospeace House, Inc. first opened in 2003 as a 4-bed state-certified hospice facility operated by Ontario Yates Hospice. Hundreds of families were served until 2016 when the agency could no longer operate the home. Knowing the importance of keeping this home as a resource to the community Hospeace House, Inc. restructured.

While keeping our co-founders’ vision alive, in August of 2018 our doors opened as an independent community-driven home. In our first year as a two-bed comfort care home, more than 30 families came to live at Hospeace House.

In October of 2018 following a long illness, Martha chose to become one of our residents and complete her journey at Hospeace House. As a co-founder of Hospeace House, Martha considered Hospeace House one of the greatest achievements of her lifetime.

It is our goal to continue to offer a compassionate home while focusing on the quality of days remaining. We strive to serve as a beacon of caring in the most challenging of circumstances. Our home operates with the same philosophy Martha and our founding members envisioned, "to provide a warm, respectful environment meeting the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of those facing the end of life”.

Hospeace House is now funded solely by donations, memorial contributions, and our community's generosity. There is no cost to the families we serve, nor do we receive any reimbursement from insurance companies or government funding.

24-hour care of our residents is provided by a team of staff and volunteers with end-of-life training and experience.

100% of your donation stays at Hospeace House and helps to ensure that people facing end-of-life have a safe, peaceful, and comfortable home to live out their remaining days.

“I had heard of Hospeace House, but my perceptions, although accurate in some ways, did not begin to touch on the experience of joining the family of caregivers who make this of “soft exit” possible.” D.E. Bentley, daughter of Leona J. Gardner Bentley

"Hospice won't add days to her life, but it will add life to her days" Family of Martha A. Lovett

“Words can’t express how grateful I feel for the tender loving care you gave to my mother. I think she really thought Hospeace House was her home. I saw my mother breath in the breath of eternal life, and I am at peace in my heart.” Family of Elizabeth Reed

“A friend in need is a friend indeed. To our dear new friends, your many, many gifts of thoughtful, skilled love greatly softened the harshness of our old enemy, death. We are grateful to you for giving your time and your life to us. We thank you and we thank God for you.” Family of James Baker